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Pastors Weekly Notes!


Dear LW Brothers and Sisters,


What a beautiful Sunday!!  Resurrecting the Alleluias with the kids was a joy, especially watching little Alice jumping up and down as the "tomb" was opened.  Special thanks to Luna for all the help:)).  In the midst of all our concerns about the China Virus, guess what?  Our church is growing, we received ELEVEN new members !  We are operating in the black financially!  


Don't forget our special voters meeting Sept 9 at 7 pm to vote to change (or not) the constitution to change our church affiliations.  It's time to move forward and we need to regain the congregational freedoms we have lost in the last few years.


May the Lord bless and keep all of you every day this week.  Remember to take one of the day's notes above each day this week for your devotional time to think and pray about and then ask the Lord to let it make a difference in your life that day.




Rev. Michael W. Birnbaum

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